July 2023

  • Added a new feature to the "Verify BVN OTP" API endpoint, enabling users to provide an alternative phone number that is not on their BVN record. To utilize this feature, you can include the alternate_phone parameter in the method field, along with the new phone_number field we've introduced, for mono lookup.
    Friday, 14th

June 2023

  • Released Transaction Metadata V2, introducing an expanded range of categories for transaction classification and improved accuracy and precision of the Transaction Classifier model. This enhancement empowers developers to build powerful financial applications with reliable transaction classification results.
    Monday, 19th
  • Upgraded the 360view endpoint in our Lookup product suite for businesses in Nigeria. This upgrade allows businesses and developers to access a comprehensive view of all the bank accounts registered with their customers using their phone number or Bank Verification Number (BVN). The endpoint now returns all the users' bank accounts, supports multiple modes (phone or BVN), and provides bank meta information such as logos.
    Friday, 2nd

February 2023

  • Deprecated the BVN lookup API which allows for the verification and access of your customer's BVN identity information, for mono lookup.
    Monday, 6th

  • Released /initiate-bvn-consent, /verify-bvn-otp and the /fetch-bvn-details API for our BVN Lookup (Consent) which provides access to an individual's Bank Verification Number (BVN) information, with their explicit consent, for mono lookup.
    Monday, 6th

November 2022

October 2022

September 2022

  • Added the card transaction failed webhook event (issuing.card_transaction_failed) for issuing, which gets sent when a USD or NGN card could not be charged or card funding fails.
    Tuesday, 27th

  • Added the fee field to the /fetch all transactions API, /fetch a transaction API and /fetch card transactions API for issuing.
    Friday, 23rd

  • Added the issuing wallet credit webhook event (issuing.wallet_credit_successful) for issuing, which gets sent when a USD or NGN issuing wallet has been successfully funded and also when the liquidated funds from a virtual USD card or account has been credited to your issuing wallet.
    Friday, 16th

  • Added the country field to the /create account holder API to support the creation of international account holders in Ghana, Kenya, South Africa, Uganda, and Rwanda for issuing.
    Friday, 16th

  • Released the /transfer to issuing wallet API on our virtual accounts to move the balance entirely or partially to Issuing wallet, for mono issuing.
    Friday, 2nd

  • Updated the response field in the /fetch USD exchange rate API to return the liquidation rate, for mono issuing.
    Friday, 2nd

August 2022

  • You can now retrieve telco data from your customers via the newly released Telco Data API. The Telco data API is the easiest way to retrieve data from any active phone number in Nigeria. Click here to learn more.
    Tuesday, 30th

  • Released the /freeze, /unfreeze, /delete, and /liquidate card balance API functionalities on our NGN virtual cards, for mono issuing.
    Tuesday, 30th

  • Updated the narration response field in the issuing.card_transaction webhook event to include the merchant name, when a card transaction is made for a NGN virtual card, for mono issuing.
    Tuesday, 30th

  • Updated the billing address object in the response field of the Fetch card details API event to include the city field, for mono issuing.
    Tuesday, 30th

  • Released the /liquidate card balance API on our USD virtual cards to move balance completely or partially, for mono issuing.
    Friday, 26th

  • Released the /set wallet threshold API functionality to set wallet thresholds for issuing wallets (USD and NGN) so as to get email notifications when your wallet is running low (below-set thresholds) and deficient (zero balance) and [/fetch wallet transactions](Get Wallet Transactions) to get wallet related transactions, for mono issuing.
    Monday, 22nd

  • Updated the body params on the Create and Update Account Holder APIs, for the business details object to include three optional fields which are director_first_name, director_last_name, rc_number. Also, cac_id is now optional as we are using both rc_number and cac_id for backward compatibility depending on which is available from a business, for mono issuing.
    Saturday, 13th

  • Released new issuing bank account endpoints to issue bank accounts to your customers. The API endpoints released are /Create a Bank account, /Fetch a Bank Account, /Fetch a Account Balance, /Fetch Transactions, /Fetch Bank Accounts, /Transfer between Accounts, /Transfer to other Accounts and /Mock Transaction, for mono issuing.
    Monday, 8th

  • Released the /Sub Account API functionality to for the deposit virtual accounts, for mono issuing.
    Thursday, 4th

July 2022

  • Updated the /credits and /debits API to return a transaction count for each returned month to enable lenders and partners to filter the average amount per transaction easily and also a simpler alternative to the inflow endpoint for mono connect.
    Monday, 18th

May 2022

  • Updated the /sync API to return a new INCOMPLETE_STATEMENT_ERROR error, whenever a financial institution inefficiently returns transaction data that is less than the usually recorded transactions, when Data sync is initiated manually.
    Friday, 17th

April 2022

  • Updated the /statement API to return a meta object which contains both a requested_length (in days) and available_length (in days) for mono connect.
    Tuesday, 26th

  • Updated payment initiation method via the widget to receive a payment id from the payment initiation API in the data object callback for mono directpay.
    Tuesday, 5th