June 2021

  • Added optional onEvent callback to Mono Connect.js which tracks certain events in the Mono Connect flow, to gain further insight into the user onboarding flow.
    Tuesday, 8th

  • Added optional reference to Mono Connect.js, to track a user's current instance of Mono Connect. It will be passed to the data object in all onEvent callbacks. It's recommended to pass a random string. With a user successfully authenticated, you can later receive this reference on the "account_updated" webhook event.
    Tuesday, 8th

  • Added rate limit of one API call per connected account every two minutes.
    Wednesday, 2nd

May 2021


April 2021

March 2021

  • Transaction metadata now present in the transactions endpoint, which includes a detailed object that contains the insight about the transaction, (category, beneficiary/source details, subcategory)
    Tuesday, 2nd


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