With this account information endpoint, all account details with the financial institution are returned via the account id passed to the URL

API Object

    "meta": {
        "data_status": "AVAILABLE",  // AVAILABLE, PROCESSING, FAILED
        "auth_method": "mobile_banking" // internet_banking
    "account": {
        "_id": "5feec8ce95e8dc6a52e53257",
        "institution": {
            "name": "GTBank",
            "bankCode": "058",
            "type": "PERSONAL_BANKING" // or BUSINESS_BANKING
        "accountNumber": "0131863463",
        "type": "SAVINGS ACCOUNT",
        "balance": 538786,
        "currency": "NGN",
        "bvn": "1595"

Account Fields

Field description type
meta An event object containing the account data and the current data status. object
meta.data_status The status of the returned connected data, if it is AVAILABLE, PROCESSING, FAILED string
meta.auth_method This refers to the authentication method used by user. It returns either, mobile_banking or internet_banking string
account An object with all account data object
account._id The unique identifier for the member which has new or updated transaction data string
account.institution All data related to the financial institution of the connected user object
account.institution.name The institution name of the connected account string
account.institution.bankCode The bank code of the institution name connected to this account string
account.institution.type The type of banking method for this connected user. E.g PERSONAL_BANKING, BUSINESS_BANKING etc string
account.name The account name of the connected user string
account.accountNumber The account number of the connected user string
account.type The account type of the connected user E.g SAVINGS ACCOUNT, CURRENT ACCOUNT string
account.name/balance The current account balance of the connected user string
account.currency The curency of the connected user (NGN, GHS ETC) string
account.bvn The BVN of the connected user string

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