Account Information

The Account Details API offers a comprehensive view of various account types, including savings, current, domiciliary, and business accounts. It furnishes crucial information such as the account holder's name, account number, balance in NGN, and the current data availability status. Additionally, it provides specifics about the associated financial institution, covering details like the institution's name, type (e.g., personal banking), bank code, and the authentication method (e.g., mobile banking).

API Reference

API Object

    "status": "successful",
    "message": "Successfully fetched account",
    "data": {
        "id": "65203b27f6323a96a4a",
        "name": "Samuel Olamide",
        "type": "SAVINGS_ACCOUNT",
        "account_number": "1234567890",
        "balance": 206119,
        "currency": "ngn",
        "data_status": "available",
        "institution": {
            "name": "Zenith Bank",
            "type": "personal_banking",
            "bank_code": "057",
            "auth_method": "mobile_banking"
        "created_at": "2023-10-06T16:51:51.818Z",
        "updated_at": "2023-10-09T01:41:21.558Z"

Account Fields

Field description type
status This returns the status of API call made which could be successful or failed. string
message This field returns the API response message string
data This field returns an object with all the user's account data object The unique identifier for a connected account which has new or updated transaction data string The account name of the connected bank account string
data.type The account type of the connected user E.g SAVINGS ACCOUNT, CURRENT ACCOUNT string
data.account_number The account number of the connected account string
data.balance The current account balance of the connected user string
data.currency The curency of the connected user (NGN, GHS ETC) string
data.data_status The status of the returned connected data, if it is AVAILABLE, PROCESSING, FAILED string
data.institution All data related to the financial institution of the connected user object The institution name of the connected account string
data.institution.bank_code The bank code of the institution name connected to this account string
data.institution.type The type of banking method for this connected user. E.g PERSONAL_BANKING, BUSINESS_BANKING & PAYMENT_GATEWAY string
data.institution.auth_method This refers to the authentication method used by user. It returns either, mobile_banking or internet_banking string
data.created_at The time the connected account was created string
data.updated_at The time the connected account was last updated string

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