Our Assets API Endpoint provides all assets that a connected customer currently holds in their various investment accounts. Information such as the name of the asset, the type e.g stock, the cost, the returns currency, symbol, price etc are all returned.

API Object

	"_id": "61d7eee5bfa4726033948e81",
    "balances": {
      "USD": 779
	"assets": [
        "_id": "618bb1228a2dcf366b563b1d",
        "name": "Nabors Industries Ltd",
        "type": "stock",
        "cost": 272,
        "return": 686,
        "quantity": 0.09012637,
        "currency": "USD",
        "details": {
          "symbol": "NBR",
          "price": 10630,
          "currentBalance": 484

Assets Fields

_idThe Asset IDstring
balancesThe total balances across all assetsobject
assets.nameThe name of assetstring
assets.typeThe type of assetstring
assets.costThe total cost incurred on purchasing the assetinteger
assets.returnThe unrealized amount gained by the userinteger
assets.quantityThe quantity of asset ownedinteger
assets.currencyThe currency of asset market in which price is listedstring
assets.details.symbolThe asset's symbolstring
assets.details.priceThe purchase price of the assetinteger
assets.details.currentBalanceThe current balance obtained from this assetinteger