Connect Overview

Mono Connect is a data product that seamlessly connects your customer's financial bank account(s) for easy access to their financial data e.g Bank Account Information, Transaction history, Bank Statements, Identity Information, Predicted income, and also Investment data (e.g Assets and Earnings data on their investment accounts).

With our various client-side SDKs for browsers and mobile applications, your users can easily authorize their bank accounts on the Connect widget(frontend) right on your platform, in which you can then access high-quality financial data in the shortest possible time via our APIs backend.

Please follow the Integration guide on the next page for how to integrate Mono Connect successfully.


Authorisation Code

The code passed back from the widget has an expiry time of 10 mins.


Account ID

The Account Id retrieved from our Exchange Token API is a permanent identifier tied to a particular linked account. It doesn't have any expiry period as it is long-lived indefinitely.

What’s Next