Create an App


Before you can start using Mono, you need to create an app on the dashboard to get your public and secret keys. Let's get started.


During test mode, you are not charged for any API calls and you can only use sandbox credentials to retrieve data.

Creating app

Creating an app on your Mono dashboard comes in two simple steps.

Step 1

Login into the dashboard and click on Apps in the navigation bar, then click on Create an app, then fill in the necessary details for your app. Once you are done, you can click on the Create app button.

Step 2

Once you click the create app button, your app will be created with Test keys(Public and Secret key).

Managing your app

After creating your app, you can choose to:

  • Add an icon
  • Add a display name
  • Add a referrer url
  • Switch to live mode

To update your app, click on the Edit button, then Update app when done.

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