Create an Application

Easily create a dashboard application

A Mono dashboard application is an entity that serves as the foundational block for running any of Mono's API products. Once deleted, every data associated with this application gets expunged instantly.

At the point of creation, you will be able to:

  • Set an Application name & Display name.
  • Attach a branded business logo. This image would be served to your users when trying to link their bank account on the first page of your Mono Connect widget.
  • Choose a Mono product that this specific application will serve e.g Connect or Issuing.
  • Bind multiple scopes that an application has access to. E.g Transactions, Statements, Identity, Accounts, Payments etc.
  • For a Mono Connect product, you can decide to select the bank account type (e.g Personal, Business or both) that will be rendered on your Mono connect widget.
  • The last but not the least is to add an Industry that this dashboard application will be scoped to.


Quick Notes

  • You can create as many dashboard applications as you can as there is no fixed limit.
  • Rendering Personal or Business banks on the Mono widget can be done by setting the Account Type.
  • To make use of our Directpay APIs, ensure to add Payments to your application scope.


API calls made in sandbox mode are free

  • You will not be charged for any API requests while your app is in sandbox mode.
  • Sandbox data can be gotten via our sandbox credentials.

Creating an Application

In a few simple steps, you can easily create an app on your Mono dashboard by:

  • Log in to your Mono dashboard. Don't have an account, visit here.
  • Click on the Apps link in your navigation bar. You can proceed to click on the Create an app at your top right.
  • At this point, a modal screen pops up as you can now fill in the necessary details for your app as desired. Once you are done, you can click on the Create app button.
  • As soon as your dashboard application gets created, it will be set to sandbox mode by default with test keys(Public and Secret key) automatically generated.


Watch the embedded video below on how to Create a Mono Application.

Managing your Application

After creating your app, you can choose to:

  • Add your business logo.
  • Add a display name.
  • Add a webhook URL.
  • Add a theme from your widget customisation.
  • Switch to live from sandbox mode.

To update your app, click on the Edit button, then Update the Application when done.


To view all sample responses from our APIs:

  • Visit our API References page here and navigate to your desired API.
  • Toggle the 200 - Result button on your screen at the bottom right of your page to view the sample response.

What’s Next