A guide explainer on the currency format of returned API transactional values.


Amount responses sent across all of Mono's APIs are returned in the smallest possible unit of the respective countries as an integer value, and not as a float value.

API amount responses for Nigeria bank connections for example are all returned in Kobo and not in Naira. E.g When an amount returns a value of 50000, it's the kobo value that is been returned. You can then go ahead to divide this amount by 100 so as to get the respective value which is a 500.00 naira.
i.e 50000 kobo / 100 = NGN 500

The same applies to all of our supported countries. Taking Ghana for instance here, when any amount value returns 100000 for instance, the value here depicts 100000 pesewas. Going ahead to divide this by 100 will give you 1,000 Ghana cedis.

Sample API responses

Get Details API

The JSON returned below is a sample response that we return on our Get Details API for a User's Nigerian bank account (i.e GT Bank). If we take a closer look, we can see that we return 538786 as the user's current bank account balance. This amount here is returned in the Nigerian kobo.

To then get the actual currency value, you can divide this value by 100 which we have as NGN 5,387.86

    "meta": {
        "data_status": "AVAILABLE", 
        "auth_method": "mobile_banking" 
    "account": {
        "_id": "5feec8ce95e8dc6a52e53257",
        "institution": {
            "name": "GTBank",
            "bankCode": "058",
            "type": "PERSONAL_BANKING"
        "accountNumber": "0131863463",
        "type": "SAVINGS ACCOUNT",
        "balance": 538786,
        "currency": "NGN",
        "bvn": "1595"

Statements API

The response below is a sample statement record from a user's bank account in JSON from our Statement API. Please note that the response here has been trimmed to just one record for the sake of this explainer.

Taking a look at the amount parameter, we can see that 10000 is returned. The value here is in kobo, in which we can divide this value by 100 to then get NGN 100.00. The same goes for the balance after a credit which returns 2163617 in kobo, but can be divided by 100 to get NGN 21,636.17.

  "meta": {
    "count": 190,
    "requested_length": 90,
    "available_length": 361
  "data": [
      "_id": "5f171a540295e231abca1154",
      "type": "credit",
      "amount": 10000,
      "date": "2020-07-21T00:00:00.000Z",
      "balance": 2163617,
      "category": "E-CHANNELS"

Integer Representation of a Currency

CountryUnit CurrencyDesired ValueExpected Value
NigeriaKoboNGN 1,000100000 Kobo
GhanaPesewaGHC 1,000100000 Pesewa
KenyaCentKES 1,000100000 Cent
South AfricaCentZAR 1,000100000 Cent