It is of vital importance to go through the definitions highlighted below as it helps to put into perspective what each entity mean.

Account Holder


An account-holder represents an individual or business entity. An account holder can
have a virtual account or a card created under their account. An account holder is
required in other to get a virtual account or virtual card.

Virtual Account


A virtual account is a NUBAN account attached to an account holder, this account will also be required if the same account holder wants a physical card issued, the physical card will be attached to the account.



This will return detailed information of a card, virtual account, account holder, or a list of
the business transaction carried out on the system



An issued card can either be a virtual or physical card. Virtual cards are linked to an
account holder while physical cards are linked to a virtual account.



Physical card

To fund a physical card, money must be sent to the virtual account attached to it, and the card will be funded instantly


Virtual card

Funding a virtual card requires you as a business to have a sufficient issuing balance
available in your Mono wallet.

Before a virtual card is funded, you can fund your virtual card using your USD wallet via the Flutterwave generated link via the Flutterwave conversation rate with our Fund Wallet API.



Virtual cards are USD by default and physical cards are Naira.



This consists of endpoints to fund your issuing wallet using Flutterwave generated payment link and also view the details of the issuing wallet balance.

When your issuing app is in test mode, you don't need to fund your issuing wallet.

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