This resource represents the earnings of your connected customers in their investment accounts. Information such as the amount earned, the narration, the date this earning was made, asset name, the sale price, quantity sold etc are all returned.

API Object

    "_id": "618bb1238a2dcf366b563b2e",
    "amount": 3719,
    "narration": "Sell 1 shares of CHGG at 37.19 PART fill",
    "date": "2020-04-17T14:11:14.689Z",
    "asset": {
      "symbol": "CHGG",
      "name": "Chegg",
      "sale_price": 4684,
      "quantity_sold": 1

Earnings Fields

_idThe ID of the earningstring
amountThe total amount of earning valueinteger
narrationThe narration based on this earningstring
dateThe date this earing was receivedstring
asset.symbolThe asset symbol for this earningstring
asset.nameThe asset name for this earningstring
asset.sale_priceThe sale price for this earninginteger
asset.quantity_soldThe quantity sold for this earninginteger