Fetch all Payments

This resource returns all payment data on an account

API Object

  "payments": [
      "_id": "62bd8*****************9",
      "type": "onetime-debit",
      "status": "successful",
      "amount": 20000,
      "description": "description of payment",
      "currency": "NGN",
      "customer": null,
      "reference": "KW9LO016***************3",
      "created_at": "2022-06-30T11:14:10.583Z",
      "updated_at": "2022-06-30T12:06:36.248Z",
       "account": {
        "_id": "62bd85***************",
        "institution": {
          "_id": "5f2d08********8********",
          "name": "KudaBank",
          "type": "PERSONAL_BANKING"
        "name": "JOHN DOE EJIRO",
        "accountNumber": "11********23",
        "currency": "NGN",
        "created_at": "2022-06-30T11:14:09.665Z",
        "updated_at": "2022-06-30T13:00:00.096Z"
  "paging": {
    "total": 510,
    "pages": 102,
    "previous": null,
    "next": "http://localhost:3000/transactions?page=2"
field description type
payments This is an array of objects which contains all payment data string
payments._id The Payment Id string
payment.type The payment type string
payment.status The status of the payment string
payment.amount The payment's total value in the smallest denomination, such as a Kobo (Nigeria) or a Pesewa (Ghana). number
payment.description The payment description string
payment.currency The currency of the payment account (NGN, GHS, etc) string
payment.customer The Customer Id of the connected account string
payment.reference The unique identifier of the payment string
payment.created_at The date and time the payment was created string
payment.updated_at The date and time the payment was updated string
payment.account The user information object string
payment.account._id The user account ID string
payment.account.institution The user's institution object string
payment.account.institution._id The user's institution ID string
payment.account.institution.name The user's institution name string
payment.account.institution.type The user's institution type string
payment.account.name The user's name string
payment.account.accountNumber The user's account number number
payment.account.currency The user's account currency string
payment.account.created_at The date and time the user account was connected string
payment.account.updated_at The date and time the user account was updated string
paging An object which contains important pagination data such as the total, the current page, the previous and the next page link. object
paging.total The total number of payments tied to this account number
paging.page The current page of the fetch all paymnets API. number
paging.previous The previous page of this fetch all payments API. string
paging.next The next page of this fetch all payments API. object