Information such as the average monthly income value, the estimated salary received by a user, the yearly salary and the income sources count are part of the returned parameters that get returned on the Income endpoint.



Kindly be advised that the income information provided is an approximation and may not reflect the actual income of your customer. Our estimate is based on our prediction model utilizing the customer's transaction data.

We are currently developing a more precise method to provide income information and will make an announcement when it becomes available for public use.

API Reference

  • average_income

    This return the mean of the user's income monthly. We compute this using sum of income divided by durations.

  • monthly_income

    This represents the predicted income based on the transaction data a customer has in their bank account.

  • yearly_income

    This represents the yearly estimated income of a user.

  • income sources

    This calculates the number of income streams or sources in the user transactions. some users might have two or more income sources either from freelance or family.

API Object

  "average_income": 4500000,
  "monthly_income": 8600000,
  "yearly_income": 103200000,
  "income_sources": 0

Identity Fields

field description type
average_income The average monthly of a customer integer
monthly_income The predicted monthly salary/income from the user's bank account. integer
yearly_income The estimated yearly salary/income from the user's bank account. integer
income_sources The number of income streams or sources from a user's transaction data. integer