Instantly issue virtual bank accounts and cards

Our live collection of Issuing APIs is provided to businesses and developers to instantly create and manage virtual bank accounts and distribute payment cards either virtual or physical on the go.

It's really easy, as it should be. Welcome to the future! 🚀

Introduction to Mono Issuing

Basic Account Terms

  • Virtual account providers: We work with all the top commercial banks in Nigeria to offer programmable bank accounts for businesses and developers.
  • Types: Mono will offer two types of accounts, a virtual deposit bank account, collection account, and a savings virtual account (Insured by NDIC)
  • Limits: Each issued bank account comes with a limit by the issuing provider and depends on the KYC level of the account holder.

Basic Card Terms

  • Network: Our primary debit card network is Mastercard, one of the two main debit processing rails in the world.
  • Card printer: We have good deals and a close relationship with best-in-class card printers, so we can offer our partners favorable terms, high visibility, and quick turnarounds when designing and producing cards.
  • Issuing bank: Cards are issued through our bank partners
  • BIN: A Bank Identification Number (“BIN”) is the first six digits of the number printed on a debit or credit card, identifying the issuing bank.
  • BIN range: A subset of a BIN (the three digits following the first six) that allows you to issue cards with a unique prefix to your customers.

Feature Terms

Physical cards: The physical (plastic or metal) debit card held by your cardholder
Virtual cards: All the information contained in a physical card (card number, expiration date, CVV) but existing online only. Virtual cards can be used for online purchases and may be added to a mobile wallet for in-person POS transactions.
Contactless cards: By default, all cards are contactless cards
ATM access: By default, your cards work at ATMs that are part of the Mastercard network.

Design Options

Generic: Generic cards can't be customized
Standard: You can design a full-color image that covers the entire front of the card with your logo, but the card plastic cannot be changed (the back and sides of the card will be black).
Premium: You can design and choose all elements of the card (materials, embossing, engraving, etc.), provided you remain within the card printer’s design parameters.
Review the Card & Collateral Design Guide for more information.



Card Visual

Card Material



3 working days


Black plastic

Fixed (excluding. shipping) – ₦2,500


4 weeks

Partner designed front and back


Depends on card order volume


5-6 weeks

Partner designed front and back


Depends on card order volume

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