Payment Status

A directory of payment statuses that indicate the possible state of Directpay Payment.

Post Payment Authorisation


After a successful payment authorisation, Mono will send back you the status and information about the payment via a postback and webhook (if you've set up a webhook) on your app.




This status means that the payment has been successful, and you can go ahead to give value to your users or customers.


The payment is pending as we would be awaiting action from the user to confirm with their pin/token or OTP after a successful login.


This status means that the payment has failed due to a bank failure, switch downtime or mono downtime.


This status is returned when a customer closes the widget without completing the transaction.


This status implies that you should wait, as the payment been made is currently in the process of being verified.


This status implies that an authorised recurring payment is active.


This implies that the payment session has been abandoned by your user.

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