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Post Payment Authorisation

After a successful payment authorisation, Mono will send back you the status and information about the payment via a postback and webhook (if you've setup a webhook) on your app.




The payment request has been created and redirectUrl generated. Awaiting end user interaction.


The payment request has been rejected by the bank, or the user failed to confirm the transaction.


The customer did not give consent to setting up the payment (by selecting decline at the bank selection/consent page).


The customer did not confirm the payment request (they cancelled). This is a final state.


The payment request has been accepted by the customer bank. This is a final state.



On status

These statuses do not guarantee 100% that the transaction has occurred; they reflect the state of the payment request. Where the status is COMPLETED it means that the bank has executed the request for a payment, which depending on NIBSS, might take some time to be settled.

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