An API for businesses and developers to seamlessly collect payments directly from their customer's bank account by leveraging the current bank transfer technology built into banking portals and mobile apps.

Types of Payment request


One-Time Debit

One-time debit enables your product to charge a customer's bank account once. Immediately a customer's payment is successful, a webhook for this payment is sent which confirms this.

Also, the reference for this transaction can be queried manually to confirm the status (e.g successful or failed), and also to confirm the customer details of this transaction.


Recurring Debit

Recurring debit helps your product to receive recurring payments from your customer's bank account with ease. Recurring parameters like start & end date etc can be set according to your current business needs.

Also, this payment type helps you to initiate a future debit from your customer's bank account whereby they authorize now and they get debited on a future date.

Getting started with DirectPay

To start using DirectPay, you will need to:

  • Request access for DirectPay on the dashboard.
  • Follow the Guides below and the API references to understand how to integrate DirectPay.
  • Start taking fast, cheap, and secure payments from your customers.

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