This resource is to authenticate your customer's via means of an OTP that would be sent to the provided phone number. Here you get to pass their phone number and the telco provider (mtn or airtel).

API Reference

API Object

    "status": "successful",
    "data": {
        "session_id": "FsMHSjfv237Sa",
        "result": {
            "title": "Please enter the OTP sent to your phone",
            "form": [
                    "type": "elements.input",
                    "name": "otp",
                    "hint": "Enter OTP",
                    "contentType": "password",
                    "minLength": 6,
                    "maxLength": 6

Telco Authentication Fields

statusThis is the status of the API response which could be either failed or successfulstring
dataThis is the data object of the returned responseobject
data.session_idThis is the session id to be used when verifying a phone numberstring
data.resultThis is the object of the final returned responseobject
data.result.titleThis is an instruction that is expected of your users.string
data.result.formThis is the returned form object of the responseobject
data.result.form[0].nameThis is the html form input typestring
data.result.form[0].typeThis is the authentication method that is expected from your customerstring
data.result.form[0].hintThis is the authentication hint that can be sent to your customerstring
data.result.form[0].contentTypeThis is an html input content-typestring
data.result.form[0].minLengthThis is the minimum length of the authentication typeinteger
data.result.form[0].maxLengthThis is the maximum length of the authentication typeinteger