Telco Details

This resource is to get telco account information such as the name of the telco provider, main account balance, currency, connected phone number etc via the telco account id.

API Reference

API Object

  "meta": {
    "data_status": "AVAILABLE",
    "auth_method": "mobile_banking"
  "account": {
    "_id": "62f15763982abb0d25e1fefd",
    "institution": {
      "name": "Mtn",
      "type": "PERSONAL_BANKING"
    "name": "Main Balance",
    "accountNumber": "+2347012345678",
    "type": "CURRENCY",
    "balance": 7659,
    "currency": "NGN",
    "bvn": null

Telco Verification Fields

metaA meta object containing the current data status and the auth methodobject
meta.data_statusThe status of the returned connected data, if it is AVAILABLE, PROCESSING, FAILEDstring
meta.auth_methodThis refers to the authentication method used by user. It returns either, mobile_banking or internet_bankingstring
accountAn object with all account dataobject
account._idThe unique identifier for a user which has new or updated transaction datastring
account.institutionAll data related to the telco provider institution of the connected userobject
account.institution.nameThe institution name of the connected telco accountstring
account.institution.typeThe type of banking method for this connected telco account.string
account.nameThe account name of the connected userstring
account.accountNumberThe account/phone number of the connected userstring
account.typeThe account type of the connected userstring
account.balanceThe current account balance of the connected userinteger
account.currencyThe curency of the connected user (NGN)string
account.bvnThe BVN of the connected user if foundstring