Telco Identity

This resource is to get identity information attached to a connected telco account. Information such as the account full name, phone number, BVN, addresses etc are returned.

API Reference

API Object

This telco identity endpoint provides the following object on success:

    "fullName": "KING  KENWAY-DAVIDSON",
    "phone": "+2347012345678",
    "gender": "M",
    "bvn": 210928381111,
    "dob": "Thu December 01 1990 00:00:00 GMT+0000",
    "maritalStatus": "M",
    "addressLine1": "2A",
    "addressLine2": "Jameson Street"

Telco Identity Fields

Field description type
fullName The full name of the user. string
phone The phome number of the user. string
gender The gender of the user, with M indicating male and F indicating F string
bvn The BVN of the user. string
dob The date of birth of the user. string
maritalStatus The marital status of the user. string
addressLine1 The returned house address of the user. string
addressLine2 An alternative house address of the user. string

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