A transaction represents any instance in which money moves into or out of an account. This could be a purchase at a business, a payroll deposit, a transfer from one account to another, an ATM withdrawal, etc. Each transaction belongs to only one account.


  • You can filter out your customer's transactions based on a specific date range.
  • You can filter out specific transactions of customers based on the narration. e.g Uber, airtime, salary, bank charges, POS etc
  • You can filter out only debit transactions or credit transactions.
  • You can receive your customer's data in a paginated form which you can display on your dashboard on the fly page by page, via setting the paginate query parameter to true and setting a number to the limit parameter.

API Reference

API Object

  "status": "successful",
  "message": "Successfully fetched transactions",
  "data": {
    "paging": {
      "page": 1,
      "total": 35,
      "previous": null,
      "next": ""
    "transactions": [
        "id": "652052349d3a9e0484891f28",
        "type": "credit",
        "amount": 9000,
        "narration": "NIP/KUDA/SAMUEL OLAMIDE/TRANSFER 1",
        "date": "2023-10-06T18:08:50.000Z",
        "balance": 0,
        "currency": "NGN"

Transaction Fields

Field description type
status This returns the status of API call made which could be successful or failed. string
message This field returns the API response message string
data This field returns an object with all the user's account data object
data.paging An object which contains important pagination data such as the total, the current page, the previous and the next page link. object The current page of this transaction API. number The total number of transactions tied to this account number
data.paging.previous The previous page of this transaction API. string The next page of this transaction API. object
data.transactions This is an array of objects which contains every transaction data string
data.transactions._id ID tied to this particular transaction string
data.transactions.amount The monetary amount of the transaction in lowest denomination e.g Kobo (Nigeria), Pesewa (Ghana). number The date the transaction was created. string
data.transactions.narration This refers to the description or extra details that is attached to the said account. string
data.transactions.type This is type of financial transaction be it debit or credit. string
data.transactions.category The channel through which the transaction occured. string

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