Last updated Feb 22nd, 2024


The Mono DirectPay product is a payment method that allows you to collect payments directly from customers’ bank accounts by leveraging the current bank transfer technology built into banking portals and mobile apps. This is a faster and more secure way for your customers to pay you without entering their card details. Before you can start integrating the DirectPay API, please note that you have to request access to DirectPay on your Mono dashboard.

The payment types available on Mono DirectPay include;

One-time payments

One-time payments

One-time debit allows your product to initiate a single charge to a customer's bank account. This is perfect for transactions where customers need to make a one-time payment without committing to a recurring arrangement. Immediately after a successful payment, a webhook is triggered to confirm the transaction, allowing you to seamlessly update your system.

Recurring payments

Recurring payments

The Recurring payments feature, caters to businesses with subscription-based models. You can set up recurring payments, allowing customers to subscribe to your services with ease. Manage subscription renewals seamlessly and provide a hassle-free payment experience for your customers.

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