Last updated Feb 22nd, 2024


Welcome to Mono Connect API documentation! This is a suite of APIs that allows your users to connect their financial accounts to retrieve financial data information. With the connect APIs, you can seamlessly retrieve accurate and reliable financial data information from your users.

Getting Started

To get started using Mono Connect, you must be a registered business. You also need to sign up and complete our compliance processes. After your business has been approved you then create apps on the dashboard to retrieve your public and secret keys to start integrating Mono the APIs.

Mono Connect Features

Mono Connect offers the following features:


The Initialization endpoint is used to initiate account connection. This endpoint returns a link in the response that instantiates the Mono Connect Widget.


The authorization endpoint is used for requesting the Account ID (that identifies the authenticated account) after successful enrolment on the Mono Connect widget.

Account Information

This API offers details and a comprehensive view of an account such as the account type- savings, current, domiciliary, and business accounts, currency and account balance. It also furnishes crucial information such as the account holder's name, account number, auth method, and the current data availability status.


The Transactions API helps your retrieve instance of money movement in or out of an account. You can filter by a date range, transction type i.e. credit or debit and customers narration .


The Statements endpoint facilitates the retrieval of a user's financial statement, offering a comprehensive overview of their transaction history.


Businesses can verify the user’s identity aiding KYC (Know Your Customer) processs. The Identity API can also be used for auto-completing account data and helps in reducing fraud.


With the product, businesses can retrieve the average monthly income value, the estimated salary received, the yearly salary, and the income sources of a user.


The assets endpoint helps to provide details of all assets that a connected customer account i.e. assets they currently holds in their various investment accounts.


This API helps to retrieve information regarding earnings on assets held by individual in the various investment portfolio.

Manual Data Sync

Data sync enables businesses retrieve updated information from any previously linked financial account. It allows you to manually refresh and receieve current financial data of an account.

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