Last updated Feb 22nd, 2024

Verify and validate data with Mono Lookup APIs.


Welcome to Mono Lookup API documentation! Mono Lookup is a powerful suite of APIs designed to enable Nigerian businesses to verify and validate users' and company-submitted data. With Mono Lookup, you can access a range of features that will enhance the reliability and accuracy of your business operations.

Getting Started

To start using Mono Lookup, you must be a registered business. If you are interested in accessing the lookup endpoints, please reach out to your account manager, who will assist in enabling the API for your business. Alternatively, you may also contact our sales team at for further assistance.

Mono Lookup Features

Mono Lookup offers the following features:

  1. Advanced Account Number Validation
  2. BVN (Bank Verification Number) Verification
  3. CAC (Corporate Affairs Commission) Verification
  4. NIN (National Identification Number) Verification
  5. TIN (Tax Identification Number) Verification
  6. House Address Verification
  7. Int'l Passport Verification
  8. Driver's License Verification
  9. Credit History Lookup
  10. Mashup Lookup
Advanced Account Number Validation

Validate and verify the authenticity of account numbers provided by users. This feature helps you minimize errors and reduce the risk of processing incorrect information.

BVN (Bank Verification Number) Verification

Validate and verify Bank Verification Numbers (BVN) associated with users. BVN verification helps you confirm the identity and authenticity of individuals, enhancing security and reducing fraud risks.

CAC (Corporate Affairs Commission) Verification

Verify the registration details of Nigerian corporate entities with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC). This feature allows you to validate the legitimacy and authenticity of businesses, ensuring secure transactions and partnerships.

NIN (National Identification Number) Verification

Validate the authenticity and retrieve comprehensive details associated with a National Identification Number (NIN) or Virtual National Identification Number of your customer. This service can be used to verify the identity of individuals for various purposes, such as financial transactions, account sign-ups, and identity verification processes.

TIN (Tax Identification Number) Verification

Easily verify the tax identification number of an entity and obtain critical tax-related information. This service can be utilized to ensure the accuracy of tax-related data for individuals and organizations, assisting in tax compliance and regulatory processes.

House Address Verification

Confirm the validity of house addresses and the house owners, ensuring that the provided address corresponds to a real location. It's valuable for various applications such as identity verification, address validation, and improving the accuracy of customer data.

Int'l Passport Verification

Validate and retrieve details from the international passport documents of your users. This service can be used to ensure the accuracy and authenticity of passport information for identity verification, travel-related processes etc.

Driver's License Lookup

Authenticate and verify your users by cross-referencing their provided driver's license information. This can be used for user onboarding, fraud prevention, regulatory compliance, and age verification on your platform.

Credit History Lookup

Retrieve a customer credit history directly from the two largest credit bureaus in Nigeria- Credit Bureau Limited (crc) and First Central Credit Bureau (xds) using only their BVN (based on customer consent)

Mashup Lookup

The Lookup Mashup API provides partners with an all-in-one identity API suite for the KYC use case. This service allows you to verify both the NIN, BVN and date of birth of the user in one single API call.

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