Go Live Checklist

Last updated May 19th, 2022

We’ve compiled a list of required actions to complete before you can go live with Mono. This will help you integrate our APIs effectively and ensure that the experience is seamless for your users.

You can request a Post-Integration audit meeting with our team via to review your current API implementation before going live with production.


Create a Mono Business account if you don't already have one. If you don't have one, you can create one here

Submit compliance documents on your dashboard in order to activate live apps via our help guide here

Create a dashboard application. This application will help provide you with keys that will enable you to test in both sandbox and production environments.

Ensure the seamless reception and processing of live webhook event updates from your customers’ actions, by updating your webhook URL on your Mono dashboard application to your designated live server URL

As part of the preparatory measures, it is highly recommended to conduct a test webhook event transmission to your configured webhook URL. This step serves to validate that webhooks sent from Mono are handled gracefully.

If your operational requirements involve the utilization of our Financial Data product, Mono Connect, consider subscribing to a dashboard plan. Our comprehensive support article here provides detailed guidance on this critical step.

In the case of utilizing our Payments product, Directpay, to facilitate seamless receipt of settlement funds from customer payments, it is imperative to add a settlement bank account. This will ensure that your financial transactions proceed smoothly and efficiently.

Enable two-factor authentication on your account such that each time you sign in to your Mono account, you’ll need your password and a verification code generated with one of these options (Email address or authentication app).

Toggle your Mono dashboard application to Live! 🚀

As an optional but highly recommended step, consider undergoing a Post-Integration Audit Review with our dedicated Mono Integration team. This comprehensive review serves as a final check, offering valuable insights and recommendations to fine-tune your integration for optimal performance and reliability.

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