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Last updated May 19th, 2022


This quickstart guide is crafted to streamline your integration process, providing clear steps and sample requests for each service. Whether you're a seasoned developer or just getting started, we've designed our API to be accessible, powerful, and developer-friendly.



Before diving in, make sure you have the necessary prerequisites, including API key registration and any service-specific requirements. Let's embark on a seamless integration journey that unlocks the potential of open banking.

  • Sign up on the Mono Dashboard.
  • Create an App and fetch the generated Public and Secret Key.

Secret Key: This is used to make an API call for most of our endpoints, and it’s to be passed to your headers as "mono-sec-key"

Public Key: This is used to initialize the Mono Connect widget for user enrolment. This can be found on your dashboard right on the apps page.

Quickstart setup

Once you have your API keys, it's time to proceed with the following steps below. The instructions below will guide you through the process of making your first API call with Mono Connect.


Client-side SDK setup

Get started by browsing our community and official SDKs for customer onboarding on this resource page. Once you have identified your choice, you can proceed to install the SDK package. For the sake of this guide, we will proceed with our vanilla SDK.

1. Clone client SDK

You can clone this repository via your command line.


  git clone

2. SDK Parameters Setup

With the repository already cloned to your local machine, proceed to open the index.html and update your public key parameter with your actual public key, which you can retrieve from your Mono dashboard application.

Take note of the response.code also known as the Exchange token that is sent from the onSuccess parameter. This indicates to you that the account has been linked successfully.


    var connect;
    var config = {
      onSuccess: function (response) {
        /** response : { "code": "code_xyz" }
        you can send this code back to your server to get this
        a authenticated account and start making requests. **/
      onClose: function () {
        console.log('user closed the widget.')
    connect = new Connect(config);
    var launch = document.getElementById('launch-btn');
    launch.onclick = function (e) {;


This exchange token lasts for only 10 minutes and is to be used to get the permanent Account ID which is explained below.


Great job! If you’ve reached this point, you should now have retrieved financial data from your account linked in the sandbox environment with our Vanilla SDK and Mono connect APIs.

For a more detailed approach to integrating Mono Connect, please refer to our integration guide here.

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